July 23, 2014


The 2012-13 Masthead


Jaehwan Kim '13 and Pim Senanarong '13
Editors in Chief 

Mike Horowicz '13 and Paul Lee '13
Managing Editors

Juwon Jun '14
Director of Design

Maisie Campbell '15 and Dionna Rivers '14
Web Site


Rekha Kennedy '13 and John Macdonald '13
News Section

Karen Cha '14 and Claire Kim '14
Opinion Section

Harriet Cho '14 and Annie Ferreira '13
Features Section

John Furlong '14 and Nick Sailor '13
Sports Section

Shannon Deveney '14, Sara Gershman '14, and Natha Singhasaneh '14
Photography & Graphics

Ana Fleming '14 and Grace Woo '15
Layout & Design

Ezra Kauffman '13, Jeffrey Stantial '13, and Landon Thies '15
Business Managers

Kenny Kim '13 and Michael Carter '14

Writers' Melange


Marco Rodarte
Faculty Adviser

Editors can be contacted at Firstname_Lastname@loomis.org (Note: some names do not appear here as they do in the Loomis Chaffee email system). The Log can also be contacted at log@loomis.org. For more contact information, see this page.