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Published on August 20, 2011 in About us
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Please send any corrections to or post them as a comment below. Corrections are published in the Log print edition and are posted to this page. Please note that corrections posted here refer to earlier versions of articles published on the web and in print. Since errors in website articles are corrected whenever we find them, corrections on this page may not apply to content currently on this site.


In a January 20 news story headline, the name of convocation speaker Sameer Hinduja was incorrectly spelled “Sammer.” The name was spelled correctly in the story.

Due to an editing error, a January 20 features story was incorrectly published with the repetition of its last two paragraphs.

A photograph in the January 20 issue of football player Tim Tebow was incorrectly credited to Google Images. The photograph was taken by Julie Jacobson of the Associated Press.

A February 1 news headline identifying the winners of art awards did not mention Juwon Jun ‘14, who received a Silver Key award for a self-portrait at the Connecticut Scholastic Art Awards Show. She was mentioned in the article itself.

In a February 1 news story about math teacher Frank Merrill’s retirement from LC, the year Mr. Merrill received the Teacher of the Year award was mistakenly listed as 2010. He actually won the award in 2008. 


The October 21 sports story “Football program rises from the ashes” incorrectly referenced two schools. Andover Academy and Exeter Academy are correctly known as Phillips Academy Andover and Phillips Exeter Academy, respectively.

Two photos accompanying the November 11 news story “Building prosthetic limbs in Central America” on page 3 were printed with incorrect captions. Both of the photographs are of Wyatt French’s ‘13 recent trip to Central America. Both are courtesy of Wyatt French ‘13.


A photograph of of a boys’ varsity soccer game in the September 30 issue attributed to Jaehwan Kim ‘13 was actually taken by Chloe Anderson ‘12.

A photograph of new head librarian Eric Styles in the October 21 issue attributed to Jaehwan Kim ‘13 was actually taken by John Patrick ‘14.


In the September 30 features story “Meet the new faculty," Issa Shimamoto, a new member of the math department, was incorrectly referred to with the pronoun “his.”

In the September 30 news story “LC to reconsider dress code, homework policy," a member of the new dress code committee was misidentified. The sixth student member is Dionna Rivers ‘13, not Julia Campbell ‘13. 


A quotation in the September 30 issue of the Log in the news story "For many Asian students, a race for better academic performance" failed to attribute the following quote to its speaker, Dan Chan '12: “[Current Asian parents] didn’t have all the freedom and options the younger generation has today; their only path to success was the books."